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“Over $2,500 In 24 Hours From A Quick Turnaround PLR Package.”
“How To Have Visitors Eager To Buy Before They Even Get To Your Sales Page”
“Another Sneaky Affiliate Tactic…”
“Easy, Effective And Profitable Method”
“Play It Like It’s A Game…”

“The Real Transition To Quitting Your Job…And How I Did It”
“More Spying On The Competition – How I Netted $787.63 By Watching Emails…”
“Visit Clicknank.Com – Build My List And Make Me Money!”
“Marketing As Another Marketer!”
And Finally…

“$100,000 In Just A Couple Of Months By Wearing A Different Hat!”
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“An Extra $16,000 A Year From Just Sitting At My Desk?”
“A Great Money Making Method But You’ll Need Balls Of Steel!”
“$1001.25 From Something That Bugged Me – But You Need To Act Fast!”
“Opening Your Own Personal Coaching Program – The Shortcut”
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“How to get products worth $97, $297, $997 for just one or two dollars”
“Increase your chances of online success – set up in business with a partner”
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“Forex Update!”

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“Case Study. Dan Flower Just Went Full-Time Online. Here‟S What He Has To Say…”
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“The Secret To My Idea Generation Bottomless Pit…”
“Results From Surveying My List – What Your Customers Really Want!”
“A Really Sneaky Way To Build Your List And Profit”
“An Extra $4,000 From Just Adding One Page To A Funnel”
“Why You Should Strive To Be A Product Creator And Seller”

“Handing Your Crap Over To Someone Else To Deal With…”
“A Marketing Technique I Saw Recently…Does This Bug You?”
“$4,400 From Other People’s Laziness”
“Let Your Imagination Be The Only Limits Your Business Has”
“Your Income Stuck At $50 A Month? $1000 A Month? Here’s How To Burst Through Your Income Barriers”
“How To Generate Money In A Hurry When Your Back’s Against The Wall”

“Could You Be Failing Online Because You’re Tacking Projects That Are Just Plain Old Wrong For You ?…”
“Cashing In On The Webinar Craze Without Actually Having To Do Any Webinars!”
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“The Bizarre Mental Attitude That Keeps Many People OUT Of The Internet Marketing Game”
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“Why Most Marketers Still Think It’s 1999’
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“Banners AREN’T Dead”
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“Why Do So Many People Enter Internet Marketing But Leave Their Brains At The Door?”
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“This Common Flaw Holds Back The Majority Of Wannabe Internet Marketers”
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“$3,991 A Month From Newsletter Curation!”
“What If You Don’t Get Your Business Started?”
“Who Makes The Real Money From What’s Currently Hot?”
“Are You Trying To Make Money Online Or Build A Business?”
“Have A Sense Of Humour About Internet Marketing- It’s Only A Game”
“If You Don’t Have These Three Things In Your Internet Marketing Business, You Probably Won’t Be Around This Time Next Year!!”

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“Just Do Things That Are Right For You!”
“The Simple Premise To Base Your Entire Business On”
“Offline Income Stream From A Stay At Home Mum That Turned Into A $2k A Month Income Stream”
“The One Hurdle You Must Overcome With Your Online Business”
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“Are You Close-Minded And Is It Stifling Your Ability To Earn?”
“You’re Going To Get Ripped Off At Some Point So Why Not Rip Yourself Off Before That Happens?”
“A Hands-Free $4k A Month For Providing A Simple Service”
“The One Thing I Regret Not Doing”
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“How This Bloke Makes Shedloads Of High Ticket Sales”

Read This If You’re Coaching People Or Planning To Start Coaching People!
“Just Under $10,000 A Month From A Low Maintenance Membership Setup”
“Maybe You’re Not Selling More Because Of The Guilt?”
“The Product I Will Never Create”

“Be Very Careful Of Free”
Selling Space In Your Sales Funnel
The Reason My Income Has Increased Significantly Over The Past Year
$10,000 A Month By Being Someone Else’s Coaching Programme
Being Who You Really Are In A Global Online Community

“Discounting – Good Or Bad Idea?”
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“$5,000 A Month From Personally Contacting Just A Small Amount Of Targeted People!”
A Sneaky Leverage Strategy To Sell Your Products
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Doing Your Own Thing For Fun And Profit
Look At Your Stats And Prepare To Be Shocked!
Quick Heads-Up About Hiring Freelance Writers
$3,000+ A Month For Providing This Service
How To Use A Combination Of Offers To Sell The One You Really Want 😉

Me, Myself And I
DON’T Be A Salesman (or Woman)
A Great Way To Set Up A Four-Figure Monthly Income
How To Make An Absolute Minimum Of $400 A Month Extra With Less Than Ten Minutes Work

Too Clever For Your Own Good?
The Clever Selling Method That Doesn’t Need A Sales Page – And Brought In £3,384 ($4,450)
$500 In The First Month, $3,000 In The Second And Upwards…
Timing, Timing, Timing!
How To Inject A Feeling Of Honesty And Warmth Into Your Sales Letters That Really Boosts Conversions!

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Perception
The $10,0000 Risk-Free Way Of Making Money In Im
$3,000 A Month From ‘Staged’ Sales Calls
You Can Never Ever Replicate My Business Or Anyone Else’s Whether You Want To Or Not…For This One Reason
A Lump Sum Of Just Under $20,000 From Continuity You Already Own…
The Simple Income Stream That Can Add $750 A Month To Your Online Income

What Beats Confidence, Branding, Positioning And Social Media Presence Hands-Down?
$3,000 A Month From Local Magazines
The Multi-Millionaires Who Operate On First Step Of The Im Ladder
The Truth, The Whole Truth And The d*** Scary Truth
My Theory On List Building And Why I Think Most Marketers Get It Wrong…

Stop Hoping For Justice And Focus On Your Life
$5,000 A Month As An Offline Affiliate 😉
A Cash Injection Funded By Other Marketers
It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear
Just A Quick, Cheeky, Clever Money-Making Strategy I Saw

Affordable Mentoring Newsletters 2019
Don’t Ever Break The Flow…
The Fear Factor – Scare The Sh*T Out Of Them!
How To Make Money By Re-Invention
$5,000 A Month From Having Many Fingers In Many Pies
Eggs And Baskets… Me And Branson

You Can’t Afford To Be Too Real…
Need A Sales Funnel But Only Have One Product? No Problem!
$7,000 A Month Selling Converting Opt-In Funnels
Are You Niche-Stuck?
$500 A Time For Being A ‘Kind Of’ Expert

Why Is It So Easy When It’s Someone Else’s Business?
How To Make $1,000 From A Blank Page
$5,000 A Month From Information That Is Freely Available On YouTube And Other Sites
The Power Of Stories…And Fear

My Products Have Two Functions…
“$7,000 A Month From Simply ‘Answering Emails’ For A Couple Of Hours A Day”
Easy Coaching First Lesson ‘Cheat
“The One Premise To Base Your Entire Business On”

Are You Your Own (Business) Person Yet?
How To Make $100 A Day By Using A Simple Funnel
“This One Type Of Product Has Been Around Since The Start Of Internet Marketing And Is Still Going Strong”
$3,200 A Month Passive Income Stream From Affiliate Programs That Run A 2-Tier System

This Can Be A Serious Problem When You Start An Online Business…
Are You Being Held Back By The Definition Of What You Do?
One-Off Advertising Events Just Don’t Work
“$2,200 A Month From Free Lead Magnet Content”
The Extra $500 A Month Income Stream
Smart Questions And Not-So-Smart Questions
Little-By-Little Can Make A Profitable Difference!

Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday Not To Who Someone Else Is Today
Increasing My Sales From New Subscribers
“The Type Of Product That Always Sells”
$8,000 A Month For Adding 1,000 New Subscribers To Email Lists
The Most Effective Change I’ve Made In My Business So Far This Year

Getting Harsher With Some Subscribers…
Scheduling Emails While I’m Taking A Break
$3,000 A Month From Sharing Etsy, Shopify And Ebay Models
The $100 A Week Income Stream You Should Know About
My Big Breakthrough Moment

It’s Your Results That Matter!
The One Big Thing
How This Bloke Makes $3,000 A Month By Focusing On The Front End
The ‘Oh By The Way’ Selling Strategy That Sneaks Money Into Your Bank Account
Convince Your Customers You’re A ‘Local’ Business

The Ultimate Leverage?
“$100 – $400 A Day From Making And Flipping Simple Sites”
The $500 Link You Should Try In Your Own Business…Maybe?
The ‘Fluid’ Payment Processor Button Technique
The ‘What Do I Think About That?’ Approach

Holiday Season Offers
“$1000 A Month Income Stream Start Up Strategy With No Website Required”
“The Painful Truth About Early-Days Marketing”
Are You Running A Business That Is In Your Best Interest?
The Time/Picture Sales Killer Sales Technique

Affordable Mentoring Newsletters 2020
Business Today
The Gandhi Story
“Become A Leader (For Fun And Profit)”
“Are YOU Making This Common Mistake?”
Simple $1.5k A Month Income Stream. But Ethical? You Decide

Mmm…SoundsInteresting (Not)
“$7,000 A Month From Skype Groups”
“Are You Engaged In The Most Dangerous Form Ononline Selling?”
“A Potential $100 Extra Per Transaction Income Stream That Takes Very Little Work”
I’m Fascinated By Business Models

A Big Lesson
“Buying A Website Or Domain Name? Always Ask This Question First”
Money From Your Existing Setup
A Sales Technique You Might Like
The Exposure effect
The Truth About Gut Instinct

Regrets? I’ve Had A Few…
The Number One Reason You Lose Customers
Over $4,000 A Month From A $9 Book
$600 Per Month Income Stream
Is The Conspiracy Theory Niche The Biggest Repulsion Marketing Exercise Ever?

When ‘The True Story’ Puts Money Into Your Bank Account
$11,0000 Risk-Free Way Of Making Money In IM
Direct Mail – The Little Mentioned Aspects
A ‘Brave’ Way Of Increasing Your Income
Coaching Quick Start
When You Turn Your Cards Over And Groan
A Real Life Sales Funnel I Went Through
“$7,000 A Month From Simply ‘Answering Emails’ For A Couple Of Hours A Day”
How To Make Money From Your Phone
Work Your Butt Off Right Now To Earn $800 Online…Because Of THIS:

Next Time You’re Giving Yourself A Hard Time Think About This…
£5,000 To £20,000 A Week Flipping Training Shoes
YOU Define Your Business Rules Regardless Of Whether They Are ‘Fair’ Or Not – The One Thing Successful Marketers Will Never Tell You About Making Money
$1,000 A Month Online From Your PET
A Quick Look At A Youtube Account And It’s Patreon Subscribers Revenue

Faraway Information And Nearby Information
Is Your Business All About Random ‘Income Events’ Rather Than An Ongoing Sales Strategy In Your Business?
Over $4000 A Month From A Clever Method That Doesn’t Need A Sales Page
The Income Stream You’ve Never Heard Of
How Your Business Can Deliver The Higher-Level Solutions Your Customers Need – Even If You Haven’t Created The Products Yet!

If You Sell Information Products, What You Really Should Be Doing Is Curating For Your Customer
$3,000 A Month From Divorce
The Reason Some Marketers Go Straight To Earning Five Figures A Month, While Others Never Make A Penny
$4,000 A Month From Information That Is Freely Available On YouTube And Other Sites

You Need To Be Earning Something In Order To Increase That Amount
The Clever Selling Method That Doesn’t Need A Sales Page – And Brought In Over £3,300 ($4,300)
A *Quick-Start Income Stream
*If you think that 30 days doesn’t count as a
‘quick-start’ income stream you might have
been sucked into the whole internet marketing
‘fast cash’ myth 🙂 Good luck with that.
Should You Offer Fixed Term Or Ongoing Memberships?

Trying To Be Far Too Clever With Your Online Marketing
What To Sell If You Have No Products Of Your Own
Covid Lockdown Case Study – $1700 To $2600 A Month Online Selling Nude Photos
The Secret About Earning Money Online That Eludes Most Newbies Forever

Finding Your Breakthrough In 2021
The Logjam of Fear
What Old Marketers Do With Their Businesses
“$4,793 By Renting Out A Tiny Space On Your Blog – Not What You Might Think”

Affordable Mentoring Newsletters 2021
Success Through Being A Loner
The Gandhi Story
How To Use Screenshots To Make Money
Make Money From Home- Or More Specifically £3000 Per Month) From Your Garden
Pricing Strategy: Choose The Price With Fewer Syllables

I Don’t Price My Products Until They’re Created
What the Rich Have in Common With Savvy Internet Marketers
Teens Making $30,000 And More From Home
A Real Life (Very Awkward) Client Hire Story
Affiliate Commission
Ideas No. 1 – Using Someone Else’s Name As Leverage

Package Selling V Cafeteria Selling
How To Do Phone/Live Call Coaching
£20,000 Buying And Selling On Ebay Case Study
Starting Up A New Online Income Stream In 5 Days
The Truth About Getting A ‘Reputation’

Very Little Money Is Created By Accident
Dump the Label – It Could Cost You $360 Million
$400 – $5000 A Month Without A Sales Page
The Best Thing I Know About Selling
An Old Case Study Of Mine And Tony Newton’s That Might Be Worth A Re-Visit

It’s Not Rocket Science Simply Look At What’s Working For You
If They Know You’re Selling, You’re Stuffed!
A Pricing Strategy You Might Not Be Aware Of
“Almost $6k from securing sales in ADVANCE!”

How My Products Are Created
Successful Entrepreneur
Failed SIX TIMES Before Finally Creating his Successful Product
The 100 Clicks Test
How Can I Possibly Offer 3 Weeks Email Support With A $97 Workshop?
Add This Line To Your Emails And Watch Your Conversions Jump!

Do You Still Take ‘No’ For An Answer?
Up to £12,000 a DAY From Being Flexible in Your Business
Where The Money Really Comes From
Selling Isn’t Hard, But Here’s How Most Newbies Make It Almost Impossible!

Fads And Fashion
Another Reason You Might Be Struggling To Make Money Online
How To Make More Money From A Smaller List

How I Increased My Sales By 20% With One Simple Change
A Way You Can Decide Upon Your Own Income Level
If Your Online Business
Isn’t Working, This Is Something You Need To Know
Take the Risks That MATTER, Not the Ones That Don’t

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