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Steve G Jones Transform Limiting Money Beliefs(史蒂夫·琼斯-改变限制你金钱的观念)

Enough is enough!!!
How Many Sleepless Nights Have You Spent Worried Over Money?
It's Time to Put Your Money Worries to Bed Once And For All!
Discover the Brand New Program That Shows You How To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs About Money So You Can Attract Massive Amounts of Wealth and Start Enjoying the Life You Deserve!
(And best of all, you can try it today RISK FREE!)

Dear Friend,

It's late at night.

But instead of enjoying a deep, peaceful sleep you're wide-awake. Indigestion churns in your stomach and up your throat. You stare at the ceiling while your mind roils with fear, doubt and worry.

You're afraid because the rent is due - and you don't have the money. And you're angry because - dammit! - you can only work so many hours. And what's worse, it's always someone else at work that seems to get the raise, promotion or catches a lucky break.

You don't know what to do. The walls are closing in and time is running out.

If only there was some way you could finally enjoy the peace and prosperity you deserve. But you've tried it all - working harder, picking up extra shifts, you've even dabbled with the Law of Attraction - but nothing seems to work.

If that sounds familiar I want you to know you're in the right place, and everything is about to change for the better for you.

Hello, I'm Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Over the next few minutes I'm going to share with you what might be the fastest and most effective way to transform your financial reality. Yes, that's an incredibly bold promise.

But continue reading and you'll soon see why I can stand by the promise 100% and how it has the potential to change your life forever!
Need More Money?

Recently, I asked people from all over America "What is the biggest challenge you face today?"

The #1 response (it wasn't even close) was this:

"I don't have enough money in my life."

Ring any bells? You're certainly not alone.

Even though the economy has rebounded a lot of people are still struggling. And a LOT of people are looking for a fast, proven way to attract money so you can finally stop worrying about financial stuff and start enjoying life.

If you're nodding your head right now and thinking, "Yeah, that sounds about right!" then know that I've created something especially for you.
"Transform Limiting Money Beliefs"

This powerful audio program presents 8 distinct training modules that will erase the limiting money beliefs that are preventing you from enjoying the peace-of-mind and prosperity you deserve.

Are you familiar with any of these feelings:

Worry because you're living each month paycheck to paycheck?
Disappointment when you have to tell your child or spouse (again) that the vacation is going to have to wait this year?
Frustration because you work hard - really hard - but you feel like you don't have a damn thing to show for it?
Stress over the fact that your financial destiny feels completely out of your control?

This is going to sound incredible, unbelievable even, but you can make all of those challenges disappear simply by listening to the audio trainings included in the "Transform Limiting Money Beliefs."

Let me show you exactly what I mean...
How To Use This Program?
All 8 Modules Come With
Audio Tracks And Transcripts

Each training module comes with a 20 - 30 minute audio recording that you can listen to while you exercise, shop, drive to work, when you first wake up or just before you go to bed.

Just pop the recordings on your iPod or preferred music player and listen anytime, anywhere!

Listen to the recordings again and again, and let the training wash over both your conscious and subconscious mind. You'll find the experience exciting, inspiring and invigorating!

Simply by listening and allowing your mind to be open to this experience, and doing nothing else in particular, you'll feel your limiting money beliefs loosen, lighten and lift away from you.

Here's a closer look at what you'll get when you claim your copy of "Transform Limiting Money Beliefs" today.
Here's What You Get With Your Copy
Of "Transform Limiting Money Beliefs"

As soon as you claim your copy of this unique audio program, you'll gain instant access to the following 8 modules:

Module One: The Logical Technique

If you find yourself excited at the idea of having more money in your life, but don't consider yourself an especially spiritual person then this module is for you. I'll show you a logical, proven process for letting go of your limiting money beliefs and opening yourself up to abundance.

Module Two: Reprogram Your Subconscious

In this module, I guide you through a process of examining your subconscious so you can open your mind - and life - to real wealth and prosperity. You'll learn a powerful "interview" process you can use right now to finally harness the almost immeasurable power of your subconscious mind.

Module Three: Change Through Meditation

You've probably heard how meditation can help with stress. (And feeling that you don't have enough money is certainly very stressful!) Even Harvard Medical School recognizes the benefits of meditation: They're currently conducting a five-year study into how meditation can affect genes and brain activity in the chronically stressed.

If you've tried meditation in the past but were never quite sure if you were doing it correctly, then this module will help. In it, I'll take you through a step-by-step process for using meditation to reduce your stress levels and let go of your limiting beliefs.

Module Four: The Future-Self Technique

This module begins with a look at the possibility that multiple versions of you exist across multiple planes of space and time, and how connecting with those multiple selves can help you attract money (or anything else) faster and easier.

Now for some of you, Module Four might cause you to raise a skeptical eyebrow. That's okay. But I strongly encourage you to give this module a half hour of your full attention. Here's why:

Even if there's just the possibility that the Future-Self Technique will work for you, even if it's only possible that you could use this technique to attract an abundance of wealth, just think of how much you could potentially lose if you don't try it out for yourself!

Module Five: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Once you've listened to Module Five you'll be equipped with a powerful and new way to communicate with yourself. Sadly, the vast majority of people struggle through life never realizing that the statements they repeat to themselves create their reality - and can keep them trapped in lives of lack and want.

You'll discover how to use the principles of NLP to make subtle, but unbelievably powerful, changes to the words you use with yourself, so you can shift your reality towards one of wealth and abundance.

Module Six: EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps you remove mental barriers and clear emotional challenges. Once those obstacles have been removed you'll find it much easier to make swift steady progress towards your financial goals.

Module Seven: Transform With Yoga

Worry about money can wreak havoc on your body, as can putting in long, hard hours at work. Do you often find yourself feeling tired, run down and burned out? When your physical condition is compromised you're even more susceptible to the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that plunge you into the darkness of stress, worry and lack - talk about a vicious cycle!

In this module, you'll learn how to use yoga to clear your negative beliefs about money, decrease your stress levels and increase your energy so you can enjoy wealth and good health!

Module Eight: Help From Archangel Michael

Imagine if you had the ability to call upon the Archangel Michael and enlist angelic assistance in overcoming your limiting beliefs? Incredibly, you do! In this module you'll learn a powerful, sacred process for asking the Archangel Michael to help you banish the darkness of negative thoughts and cut ties with the limiting beliefs that are holding you down.

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